Our Impact
The Bethel Foundation reaches out to one single mom at a time -- giving a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel by providing team support with mentoring, rehabilitation and quality housing.
In 2016 we served over 20,900 mothers and children.
Bethel Foundation will hold dozens of classes, conferences, training programs, camps and other events in order to enrich the lives of single mothers and their children. This organization uses its resources to empower the entire family unit within the single mother household. Although it may not be unique in every aspect, Bethel Foundation stands alone in comparison to the attention given to each and every phone call, letter, email and knock at the door. For Bethel, possibilities begin and the world becomes a better place when we are “changing lives one mother and child at a time!”
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Upcoming Events
Mar. 15-18th: Sassy Camp: Camp for Girls Ages 10-14 10am-4pm MUST PRE-REGISTER
Mar. 19-21st: Camp Sonlight Weekend Outdoor Adventure Camp for Boys Ages 6-11 MUST PRE-REGISTER
May 31st: Memborial Day - Holiday- Office closed
June 4-6th: Camp Radiance Weekend Outdoor Adventure Camp for Girls Ages 6-11 MUST PRE-REGISTER
June 14-18th: Kids Rock Camp. Healthy Lifestyle Camp for soon to be 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders

July 4-5th:  Office Closed for Independence Day
July 12-15th: Artsy Doodle Camp: Cultural Creativity Camp for 6-10 year olds. 10am-4pm.
Aug 1-Sept 30th: Angels For Moms: Applications accepted throughout August
September 6th: Labor Day- Holiday- Office Closed
2019 Marvelous Mom is...
Shauna Shorman
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Bethel In The News!
Recent Events
Celebrating Moms 2016- Grace Scholarship Recipient Judy Graves!!
At our Spring Conference, we discussed a range of topics from juggling it all, creating possibilities, the front of the line, and the power of fellowship. Special thanks to all of you guest speakers and volunteers.
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