Programs For Single Moms
Temporary Housing  •  Spiritual Mentoring  •  Parenting Services

Bethel knows the struggles a single mother can face on a day-to-day basis. Let Bethel help alleviate the stress. We offer a wide range of programs that help single mothers learn to be independent with healthy parenting skills.  Programs are also offered to help children deal with the struggles of a single parent home. Here is a list of a few the programs the Bethel Foundation has developed.


Community Center for Clothes and Food

Bethel Foundation is an approved Food Bank Agency acting as an Emergency Food Pantry and provide clothes for mothers and children and infants as well. We have small household items in the Community Center and numerous things to look for. The Community Center is open Monday thru Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Home Ownership Program

Every single mother that completes the life skills mentoring and counseling program is given the option of purchasing the very home they stayed in while the Bethel Foundation helped them get on their feet. Bethel’s goal is to let every mother that comes to us realize that she is “SPECIAL” and “WORTHY” so we work hard to provide homes, support, spiritual mentoring and direction to help guide women to become self-sufficient. We enjoy providing “HOPE” and with “HOPE” we are able to give our mothers “FAITH” and with “FAITH” will come “LOVE” for each and everyone of these SPECIAL MOMS.

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Resume Building & Celebrating Moms Spring Luncheon

 Learn how to write a resume and show your future employer that you have what it takes.  Free and open to all however seating is limited. Apply now
Celebrating moms through education, equipping and encouraging.

We know how hard it is to be a single mother. That's why we work to give you the tools you need to succeed! At our Spring luncheon, we discuss a range of topics from juggling it all, creating possibilities, the front of the line, and the power of fellowship.


Grace Scholarship

This $3000 scholarship is to assist mom’s with either their tuition costs of their books and supplies. To qualify, you must be enrolled or in the process of enrolling in any institution of higher education.

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Mama’s Cookin Classes- workshop classes on preparing healthy, affordable, and convenient meals for your family.

Angels for Moms- Adopt a child for Christmas so that no child will go without a gift on Christmas Morning. The "Angel for Mom's" program is for single parents (only 1 adult in home) with children under the age of 18. Each applicant should be prepared to provide Government ID, Guardianship and/or Birth Certificates, proof of all sources of how bills are paid, (Example: Pay-stub, Section 8, Social Security, Food Stamps, Child Support, TANF, Unemployment, etc.) DEADLINE FOR ALL DOCUMENTS TO BE TURNED IN IS OCTOBER 27th.

Camillus Healing Home -A place of refuge and healing for women and children.

Additional Resources and Partnerships

  1. Oklahoma City Adult Learning Center
    Free ABE (Advanced Basic Education) and GED (General Education Degree) are available. Please visit their website at or call 405-231-2053.
  2. Infant Crisis Center
    4224 North Lincoln Blvd. OK, 73105 Phone Number (405) 528-3663 or visit their website at
  3. Rental/Housing or Utility Assistance

To find out more about any of our programs, get help with a GED, college scholarship applications, housing or other basic needs,  use one of the methods on our contact page.