Who is the Bethel Foundation?
The Bethel Foundation reaches out to one single mom at a time -- giving a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel by providing team support with mentoring, rehabilitation and quality housing. Bethel takes pride in helping mothers get on their feet!  Lynda Powell, founder of the Bethel Foundation, was a struggling single mother who saw the need for the resources Bethel provides to the community.

Bethel's Values as a Faith Based Organization
Bethel honors the Bible as the inspired word of God through which He speaks to his people and recognizes the free gift of God's grace available to everyone through Jesus Christ. Bethel encourages a personal lifestyle of worship focused on God by cultivating a personal relationship with God and one another. Bethel seeks a clear understanding of God's purposes and press on by the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill them. Bethel encourages believers to use their God-given spiritual gifts for God's glory, and equips one another to meet physical and spiritual needs in the community and around the world.

How does the foundation help single mothers?

  1. Grace Scholarship Fund - Gap Fund where you have exhausted other financial avenues
  2. Resume Building - By Appointment
  3. Annual Spring Celebrating Moms Conferences - Celebrating moms through education, equipping and encouraging.
  4. Community Center is open Monday-Thursday 10am to 4pm. Free food, clothes and small household items are available. - Must have photo id and social security numbers.
  5. Food Bank Approved Agency where we provide emergency food - Must have photo id

Every single mother that completes the life skills mentoring and counseling program is given the option of purchasing the very home they stayed in while the Bethel Foundation helped them get on their feet. Bethel’s goal is to let every mother that comes to us realize that she is “SPECIAL” and “WORTHY” so we work hard to provide homes, support, spiritual mentoring and direction to help guide women to become self-sufficient. We enjoy providing “HOPE” and with “HOPE” we are able to give our mothers “FAITH” and with “FAITH” will come “LOVE” for each and everyone of these SPECIAL MOMS.