Recent Successes Marvelous Mom- Tomarra Lynn Berry

 Bethel foundation has helped many families.  Tomarra came to Bethel Foundation 2 years ago in a program for Drug Addiction.  She graduated last January from the rehab program which has kept her out of our prisons.  She is drug free and reunited with her children.  

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Bethel foundation has helped many families including myself. About 4 years ago I was introduced to Bethel foundation at home no water no gas with my young daughter. Before then me and my daughter were homeless for two years. Her and I stayed at the Catholic Charities transitional home for single mothers where I continue to stay in college and managed to make vice president on a roll in spite of my trials and tribulations. Bethel foundation has introduced me to great people who help me and my daughter during Christmas, my daughter birthday, and with food when I needed it. A few years ago I was nominated for single parent of the year and it was a pleasure to sit and see all the parents that Bethel foundation has helped. I just know that God has brought me a long way and continue to bless me to be able to tell my testimony to so many people for I am a domestic violence advocate as well. These tools that I've learned within myself and affiliated myself with Ms Lynda at the Bethel foundation she has made me see that all things are possible through Christ that strengthens me. I am currently at Rose State College finally finishing what I started with the help of former professor who remembered me and the reach higher program for working adults degree completion. I will receive my associates science and arts degree. From there I will continue to participate with helping Bethel foundation donating whatever we have here at my home me giving back to the foundation because I don't know what I would do without Bethel foundation when I was down on my luck. I hope my story helps single mothers continue to strive for better and even if things don't look good just know that God is in control and he can make a way out of no way.